the book that is melting our faces off

in all its glory... read by us.

USD: Check me out CAD: Check ME out! AUD: No no - me!!

When was the last time you FINISHED a book?

What if we read it to you?

The Materials

This class will extensively as in... totally, completely and unapologetically... use the book, Projections Expectations Separations Judgments & Rejections.

It's about... well... the title says it all... 

What would your life be like if you woke up tomorrow with no expectations of you... only the question... "who am I today and what grand and glorious adventures am I having?

Seem like a fairy tale stretch of the imagination?


What if it's not?

Okiay! Fine... I'll let you read to me!


The Skinny:

  • 6 weeks of week-day readings
  • a private Facebook group (where readings will occur)
  • video & audio recordings
  • an invite to a weekly dive-deep Zoom
  • multiple shenanigans
Just GIve it to Me Already!

The Facilitators

Facilitators make the journey of consciousness easier... that's what we're here for... Ultimately, what you get out of the class is up to you but we'll add fun and ease and flare and hold your feet to the fire when you ask for it ;)

Christel Crawford has been a Certified Facilitator of Access Consciousness since 2014.  Her basic point of view is that beyond everything you've ever thought was wrong with you is everything you are that is the magic this world has been asking for. "You are.  You can.  And if you're willing, you can create beyond anything you've ever been able to imagine."

Stephanie Richardson has been a Certified Facilitator of Access Consciousness since 2012. She says, "What I know is that what we imagine for ourselves is always too small. I'm here to never buy your story about what you can't create...  There is a glimmer of something else possible... a spark at the moment of an aha! that we can grow... with every question we ask..."

Doors close in...









When everyone else is talking about this book...

have the satisfaction of knowing that you've read the whole thing... and by read the whole thing... you mean you chose something even better than reading the whole thing...

Wait - I'm not sure if it's my thing yet!

It's ok. Steph and I did an amazing free call on this topic!  You can get instant access just right over there.

Right here. Easy. :)


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